COVID-19 Safety Plan


Due to COVID-19, we have safety protocols and procedures that are outlined in our guidelines below.

We are aligning our guidelines to Washington County's risk category, as determined by the state (see Risk Level Guidance Chart). According to the state, our county is designated as "Moderate Risk." The mandated guidelines for faith institutions in that category are a maximum 50% occupancy or 150 people total, whichever is smaller.

The guidelines we introduced for the different risk categories are prudent and have been approved by GCI and our local elders. I ask everyone to be patient and compliant with the guidelines. We all need to do our part in reducing the risk of transmission. Having said that, our guidelines are flexible, intended to match the severity of the local COVID-19 situation, factoring in congregational wisdom. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. We will continue to discuss changes to our guidelines in our leadership meetings and make appropriate adjustments, where needed. The following are the guidelines.

High Risk/Extreme Risk:

  • Face mask or covering required
  • Temperature check
  • Physical distancing (no hugs or handshakes)
  • No bible study prior to service (join the Wednesday night Zoom small group)
  • No worship singing
  • No served food or drink (people welcome to bring their own)

Moderate Risk:

  • Face mask or covering required
  • Temperature check
  • Physical distancing (no hugs or handshakes)
  • Restart of bible study before services
  • Limited food/drinks served with safety protocols
  • Limited worship singing

Low Risk:

  • Face mask or covering recommended
  • Physical distancing relaxed
  • Congregational worship singing
  • Food and drinks served with safety protocols

In the meantime, if you are feeling sick, please stay at home. If you still feel unsafe in gathering together, please stay at home. You can watch our livestream here at

Our collective and cooperative efforts in following safety protocols and mandates are crucial in mitigating virus spread. This extra layer of protection allows us to gather together responsibly.

As we gather for worship, let us be mindful that we do so to give praises to our God, to be inspired by the Word of God, and to fellowship in the Spirit of unity and love.

May the Lord lead us safe and healthy through this pandemic.

This is a working plan and is subject to immediate change based on current community health situation and external guidelines.