God Above Us, For Us, In Us

What Does It Mean That God is Above Us, For Us, and In Us?

We exist to know God. He already knows us, personally, through His Son Jesus, who became like one of us to reveal His Father and send His Spirit. But, how do we come to know Him?

For us to know God, we look intently and squarely to Jesus. What we discover in Jesus is a God who is above us, for us, and in us.

Jesus came to reveal His Father. Jesus said, "Whoever has seen me has seen the Father." Jesus reveals the Father who created us into existence and compassionately cares for our well-being. He is the Lord over us, not to whip us into submission, but to show us a love that won't quit, a love that is quick to forgive, and a love that supremely looks out for our best interest. God is truly above us!

Jesus, God-become-flesh, was born to enter into our humanity and heal it from within. He suffered and died on the cross for our sin, so that sin can truly be dead to us. He was raised from the dead so that we can have newness of life. He ascended to heaven to intercede on our behalf, the perfect human in eternal relationship with the Father. God is truly for us!

Jesus came to send the Holy Spirit. After His resurrection, Jesus ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father. But, He didn't leave us alone. He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, extending all of what He has accomplished for us in His earthly ministry to be experienced in our earthly life, while we wait for His glorious appearing, in His soon-coming return to Earth, to establish the fullness of God's Kingdom. God is truly in us!

Just as God personally knows us through Jesus, we can personally know God and believe in Him, as God above us, for us, and in us. We can trust Him. We can accept what He has accomplished for us. We can receive Him into our lives and let His life bring forth faith, hope, and love in all that we think, say, and do.